My Tiny Garden

Good morning everyone!

I am so sorry that it has been so long since I have written. I have been busy getting my plant seeds started. Also this month my little one turns one and I have been busy planning for his birthday party.

So not only do we need to be cautious of what we put on our bodies or what we clean and wash with, but also what we put into our bodies. This year I have decided to start growing a few things so that 1: we can save a little money and 2: we know where it came from and how it was taken care of.

Since this is my first season of growing I decided to start off small. At first, I planted strawberries, tomatoes, and basil. It isn’t time to plant these outside yet so at the moment I am growing them in pots inside my house. Once the time is right I will move the tomatoes and strawberries outside. The basil I will keep in the house.

I also bought an aloe plant. This time of year they are hard to find believe me. I am currently looking for a second one and still it is proving hard to find. I will have a post coming your way soon on why everyone should own an aloe plant.

So I didn’t stop there. I have been slowly planting more seeds. Right now I have lavender, cilantro, broccoli, and spinach planted plus the strawberries, tomatoes, and basil. I went into this blindly so I am learning as I go.

Strawberries are the hardest and slowest to grow in my experience. I planted a lot of strawberry seeds and only 8 have sprouted. Two of the seedlings have laid over now so I believe I will be down to 6. I did find out that getting strawberry seeds to germinate is the trickiest. That would explain the lack of seedling sprouts.

My lavender started out great, but at this moment a few have died. After doing a little research I found out that lavender do not need much water and they like weak soil, but also will thrive in a compost rich environment. So apparently there is no medium for them they like one extreme or the other.

The tomatoes, basil, and cilantro are growing like wild fire. I have given 20 tomato plants away and probably still have 30 left. I didn’t know and I planted all the seeds in the pack and apparently they all sprouted. So let that be a little tip for you if you are just starting out.

Now if you live in a place where you can’t plant outside there are several plants that you can grow indoors year around like basil, cilantro, spinach, and many more.

In the last couple of days I just planted the spinach and broccoli. So I do not have any pictures at this time of them.

I will keep you all posted on how everything turns out. Fingers crossed my plants flourish.

Mom Talk

My Baby Story

Hey y’all!

I hope you are all staying away from all this nasty flu and stomach virus that is going around.

So I want to tell you all about my baby story. I will skip some parts due to it literally taking me more than decade to get pregnant.

A baby had always been something that was very important to me. I wanted nothing more than to be a mama. I wanted to feel that joy of have this little bundle of joy cling to me like a baby monkey.

When dating if the guy did not want children then it was over for me. No reason going any further. I tell you that to explain just how important a baby was to me.

I tried and tried and tried and tried for years to get pregnant. I would try, then give up. It takes an emotional toll on you every time you get a negative on a pregnancy test.

I took ovulation test, pregnancy test, and would lay certain positions after sex. Still nothing.

I said for a long time that if I was not pregnant by the time I was 30 years old then it was not happening.

Eventually I gave up for good I had decided. I took a promotion at work which put me working 3rd shift. If any of you have ever worked 3rd shift you know it is like a whole new world. I lived off coffee and energy drinks (don’t judge lol).

At this point I was 31 years old and the thought of a baby was a distant memory. My husband had kept telling me not to give up, but I had. One can only handle so much disappointment.

One day I thought wow I sure am wanting to sleep a lot and I’m starting to feel so tired all the time. I hoped that I wasn’t getting sick. I also noticed how my love of coffee started to fade. That had never happened before.

Then, I started to wonder, ‘when was my last period?’ I did not have a clue!

When working 3rd shift it is hard to sleep during the day and you can’t keep up with what day it is. All the days start to run together. If I could not keep up with all that then how was I suppose to keep up with my period?

I pondered for days about taking a pregnancy test. I even picked one up at the store, but would end up changing my mind. I would think what’s the point in wasting my money again. No need to pay for disappointment right?

Finally one night on my break I decided to take one. I went in the bathroom in the very last stall. Took the test and waited.


I could not believe it! I was pregnant! There I stood crying with tears of happiness in that bathroom stall.

I know that you are suppose to wait so long before you tell anyone, but I told everyone. I could not help it. I was to excited not to share my good news.

Just to be sure I took 2 more test and they were both positive also.

Pregnancy and Labor were rough on my ole body, but I love my sweet man to pieces.

If you are struggling to get pregnant do not give up. I know that it can be trying at times. Sometimes it just isn’t the right time. Looking back I am glad that I did not have my son before I did. I realized that I wasn’t getting pregnant before, because the circumstances weren’t right.

Mom Talk

Life Skills

Hey y’all!

I know that we get busy with life and sometimes there are things that we just do not think about teaching our children as far as life skills go.

There are some very important ones that all kids should learn.

There are some that I wished I had been taught or taught more about. Like how to put air in a tire. I still to this day cannot do that. Yes ladies and gentlemen you read that right yours truly cannot put air in a tire.

Maybe I should have my husband teach me. He usually takes care of those thing, but one day I might be in a pickle and need to be able to do that.

Anyway getting off the topic at hand.

Below I have compiled a list of 12 Life Skills that I feel are important. I believe they all can start being taught at an early age.

Top 12 Important Life Skills

  • Cooking
  • Laundry/Cleaning
  • Sewing
  • Gun Safety
  • Household/Car Maintenance
  • Gardening
  • Swimming
  • First Aid
  • Wildernesses Survival
  • Self Defense
  • Time Management
  • Money Management

Now these are in no specific order. Also there are other life skills that you can teach them I just felt these to be the most important.

Some of you may or may not have guns in the house, but I feel that regardless it is very important to know gun safety. When your kids go for sleep overs you do not know what that family has or what kids might get into. There have been to many accidents with kids playing with them. They need to know that they are not a toy.

Some of you might be looking at that list thinking well who’s kids do not already know how to wash clothes and clean, but you might be surprised at the amount that do not.

Sometimes we as parents just do things, because that is what we have done since they were babies and we as parents feel that is what we are suppose to do. If we always do everything for our children in the long run we are not helping them.

I know some ladies right now that have grown 20 something’s still living at home that make sure they get up for work on time. Their excuse is they do not want them to be late. Time management skills is what would prevent that.

I hope you all enjoyed this and have a great day.

Product reviews

Soapbox Shampoo

Good morning all!

This morning I want to tell you guys about two new products I have been using for the last couple of weeks. It is Tea Tree Clean & Purify and Bamboo Strength & Body by Soapbox.

Once ordered, I received these in the mail very quickly.

The first thing I thought when I pulled them out of the box was oh wow I love the look and design of these bottles.

The next thing I did was go right to reading the labels. I love the fact that on the back there is a code that you can go online and punch in so that a bare of soap will be given to someone in need. These are color safe, paraben free, and silicone free. Also, these are cruelty free and vegan.

Upon using these products I just love, love, love the smell! Who doesn’t love the smell of tea tree anyway. The bamboo smell made me think I was right in the salon getting my hair shampooed.

Normally I wash my hair every other day. I found that with the Bamboo shampoo I could not do that. The next morning my hair would be oily. Which it is naturally oily, but I had gotten it to where I could skip a day. Which the Tea Tree there were no problems with skipping a day.

My husband gave these shampoos two thumbs up. He absolutely loves them.

If any of you are wanting to try their products I have a 10% off promo code for you that’s good for the next month.

Babies & Tots

Lavender Before Bedtime

Good Morning! I hope you all have been enjoying the holidays.

I recently started diffusing lavender essential oil at night in my sons room. I usually start diffusing it an hour before bedtime and let him play in his room.

Before I started this he would fight sleep and some nights would not go to bed until around 10pm. Since diffusing lavender we are back to his 8:30pm bedtime. Plus he does not fight it.

Since I am in there with him it also helps me to relax before bed. That way once he is asleep I am also ready for bed and do not have to worry about unwinding.

Now do not get me wrong having a routine is also a factor in this. If your kid(s) normally go to bed at 10pm, but you want them to go sooner then slowly start getting them into bed earlier. Having a routine makes things flow nicer and everyone knows what to expect.

Sometimes I will add a few drops of lemon essential oil with the lavender and it gives it a hint of citrus smell.

There are more benefits to diffusing lavender oil. It is not only great for relaxing, but also helps keep your air clear of allergens, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores. It has also been known to reduce anxiety and emotional stress.

If you do not have a diffuser you can also place a few drops on pillows to help with relaxation for when laying down.

Lavender essential oil is a must oil to have especially if you have children under the age of 2 years old. If you are just starting to get into using oils I recommend it be one of your first purchases.

Please if you are unfamiliar with essential oils and you have little ones under 2 years old research the oils before use. Not all oils are safe for the little ones.

Even if you do not have children you can always diffuse it for yourself. It is nice to just sit, relax, and breathe in the nice aroma.

Hope you all have a great day!

Mom Talk

Christmas Time

Good afternoon all!

Christmas is fast approaching, with only days left until it gets here. Which has gotten me to thinking and has sparked a few conversations that I have had over the last week with a few people I know.

Basically what we talked about is how a lot of people have gotten away from the true meaning of Christmas. Everyone is so worried about the gifts and spending all their money on those gifts.

We feel that we have to buy the latest and greatest things especially for our kids. Some even do not pay their bills so that they can spend that money on Christmas.

As long as you have food on the table, a roof over your head, and your family and friends what more could you want. If you have those things you have so much to be grateful and thankful for. That is enough for me to celebrate.

It should not be about the gifts. Yes, the gifts are nice. I am not going to deny that. Who does not like something new?

I am not saying you should not buy people gifts. I am saying let’s not teach our kids that Christmas is only about getting a $100 pair of shoes or a $600 iPad.

I love the holidays, because to me that means family time. As crazy as mine makes me sometimes I Love them and love spending time with them.

When I think of Christmas time I think of family dinners, laughs, making memories, and of course the endless amounts of food.

Let’s get back to the true meaning of the holidays.

What is your favorite family traditions at Christmas time? Leave it in the comments below.

Babies & Tots, Natural Remedies

A Magic thing called Coconut Oil

Hello all! I am drinking coffee and trying to get my day started before my little one gets up.

I just wanted to talk about a wonderful thing called coconut oil.

Coconut oil is great for skin problems like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, and other skin infections. It is also used in making soaps, lotions, creams, and used as a carrier oil. It being well-known for its antioxidant properties.

Coconut oil has an abundance of uses, but I will save the rest for another day. It is as good for the outside of the body as the inside. Today, I want to just touch on it and talk about one way that I have found it most useful to me lately.

The other morning my son woke up and one of his cheeks was red. Now most would think well he probably just slept on it and that was the problem. I could tell by looking at him that was not the case. Some of the red did go away after he had been up awhile, but most stuck around.

I felt like a horrible mother. Anytime anything happens to him I blame myself. I am sure that you all can relate with me.

So I did the one thing that I knew to do. I put coconut oil on there. When I changed his diaper, right before he laid down for a nap, and right before bed I applied coconut oil.

The next morning when he got up his cheek looked so much better that you could barely tell that his little cheek looked so terrible the day before.

I have decided that the whole thing was caused by him drooling while asleep.

Some months back he had drool rash under his neck. Well basically between the baby neck rolls. It was so red, but I applied coconut oil before bed and the next day it had almost cleared up.

So before you parents go reaching for the over the counter medications to handle these problems try coconut oil first.

Natural Remedies

Magic Tea

Hello all you beautiful people! Hope you all are having a great day.

Unfortunately cold and flu season is upon us. During this time we do all we can to avoid getting sick or I know I do anyway.

So today I want to share with you all a drink that I call a “tea”. Now, there is not actually any tea in it. It just seems to be some sort of tea to me.

Anyway, I like to drink this tea every couple of days, but especially this time of year, because of the ingredients in it and all the wonderful things they do.

Magic Tea

  • 1/2 Lemon (squeezed)
  • 2 dashes Cinnamon/1 Cinnamon Stick
  • 1 tbsp Raw Honey
  • 1 coffee cup full Distilled Water

In a small pan bring distilled water to a boil. While waiting for water to boil squeeze half lemon in the coffee cup, add honey, then add cinnamon. Once water has came to a boil pour in coffee cup and stir. Be careful this will be very hot so just sip.

You do not have to use distilled water. Any purified drinking water will do. I would stay away from tap unless that is all you have.

Now I would like to go over the reasons why lemon, raw honey, and cinnamon.

Lemons- They contain loads of vitamin C, which boosts the immune system. Lemons are a natural stimulant for the digestive system. They also can relieve a fever. Lemons can help in the removal of toxins in the body.

Raw Honey- It contains natural fruit sugar so there for it gives your body a boost of energy with out the high then crash effect. Raw honey is also known for its anti fungal, antibiotic, and antibacterial properties. Not to mention it works wonders on a sore throat.

Cinnamon- It is loaded with antioxidants. Cinnamon also has anti inflammatory properties that help the body fight off various infections. It has also been known to inhibit the growth of certain bacteria.

All three of these ingredients do truly remarkable things for and to the human body. They do a lot more than what I have listed here.

This is a tasty little beverage that packs a punch with all the health benefits. Tasty and healthy that’s is a win win for me.

Hope you all stay safe out there.

Mom Talk

Strong Coffee Please

Hello all! Just a sleep deprived mama here this morning.

I want to start out by saying that I love my son and he means the world to me. There is nothing I would not do for him. He is the greatest gift I have ever been given.

For a long time I tried to get pregnant, but I will save that story for another time.

Sometimes I think my son believes that mommy is like the energizer bunny. That I just keep going and going. Trust me though my batteries are like the cheap ones that will only work for a couple hours before they die.

So last night, I was up with him every 2 hours for anywhere from 15-30mins at a time. I have no explanation other than he was just having a restless nights sleep.

My son feels like mama needs to stand at his bed patting his booty while he goes back to sleep. Now, I can not hold him and pat his booty then put him in his bed. I am short and it is a struggle for me. So, he wakes up.

I am sure this next part a lot of you can relate with me. I am in there patting his booty and it is like 2:30am. I feel like my arm is about to fall off. Then, all the sudden I hear a noise coming from my bedroom. Can anyone guess what it was? Yep, it was my husband snoring. There I am blood shot eyes, arm about to fall off, trying to stay awake, and there my husband was sound asleep without a care in the world.

You know what though even after all the restless nights, not wanting to take naps, and not happy unless I am holding him. I would not give it up for anything!

I love being a mama. It has been the happiest time in my life that is for certain.

So for all you parents out there that are up half the night know that you are not alone. Stay strong my friends!

I hope you all have a great day and drink plenty of whatever pick me up drink you like.

Homemade Cleaning Recipes

All Natural Air Freshener

Here in Georgia the snow left as quickly as it came. I had really hoped it would stick around longer.

It is about that time of year when we get busy baking cakes and cookies. Which in turn makes our house smell edible and delicious.

I always love for my house to smell good. Also sometimes certain smells trigger good memories.

There are several all natural items you can purchase to make your house smell good, but why spend the money when you already have everything you need right in your pantry. All Natural + Free = Win

Below I have listed a couple different scents that you should try out. Trust me they will not disappoint.

  • 2 tbsp Vanilla Extract
  • 2 dashes Cinnamon/ 2 Cinnamon Sticks
  • *optional left over coffee grounds

Mix ingredients in medium sauce pan and fill with water. Let simmer.

  • 1 whole Apple sliced
  • 2 dashes Cinnamon
  • 1 dash All Spice
  • 1 dash Nutmeg
  • 1 dash Ginger
  • 1 tbsp Vanilla Extract

Mix all ingredients together in medium sauce pan, cover with water, and let simmer.

There are so many possibilities of combinations that you can create right on your stove top. I am going to be honest and say that when making these I never measure I just mix. Also please make sure to keep an eye on the water level when making these.

Thanks for reading and as always I hope you have a great day!